How the Centre Evolved


The Event Centre was created as a long term "legacy" project by the St. Lawrence War of 1812 Bicentennial Alliance primarily to assist volunteer event organizers stage successful outdoor events. The Alliance received an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant in 2011 to open the Centre in Eastern Ontario. Now that the bicentennial is over, the Alliance has turned the operation of the Centre over to the Almonte Civitan Club who will manage the facility in the years to come. Events all have the same needs but at different times of the year and by sharing our event equipment, we all benefit!

The Centre is a one-stop depot for any event: schools, churches, fairs, music festivals, rodeos, heritage events, Canada Day, sporting events, etc. We service all types of community celebrations – large and small.

"Particularly from my perspective as a first year event organizer, not only did the Events Centre provide an outstanding selection of resources but Jan Bonhomme's experienced perspective offered us even more invaluable information and knowledge that related specifically to our special event. Without a doubt, I can say that the we had wonderful success and professional appeal in very large part because of the physical resources and knowledge provided from the Events Centre"

Alison Langham, Seeley's Bay